The Internet Is Going Crazy Over Folks Microwaving Their Beautyblenders
We’re always here for a good beauty hack and this latest viral tip has piqued our interest. The latest craze involves the ever-popular Beautyblender, a sponge tool used to apply foundation and other complexion-oriented products. The blender’s porosity soaks up not only product, but also dirt, bacteria and other microbes. That said, keeping your sponges and other blenders clean is super important and this hack has people swearing it’s the easiest and most efficient way to do so. It starts by putting soap and water into a cup and then dropping the beauty blender in. Next up, microwave the cup for one minute. The hack is supposed to get the blenders clean all the way through without having to buy a separate (and often costly) cleaning solution for the sponges. While some users shared success stories after using this tip, others tried and failed. Whether it was forgetting to add water or having the setting too high, some people were pretty angry that they ruined their much-coveted blender. Will you be giving the hack a try?