A Running List Of The Instagram-Famous Makeup Brands You Need To Know

This article originally appeared on InStyle

For once, our Instagram sleuthing skills can be used for good and not evil—and by “evil,” we mean scrolling too far back and hurting our own feelings.

Everyone’s favorite photo-sharing platform is changing the way we live, not to mention, the way we find out about cool new beauty products.

Though brands like Jeffree Star, Colourpop, Kat Von D, Huda Beauty, and Anastasia are known and loved in their own right, they have a social following that challenges that of the collective Kardashian-Jenner crew, and their presence on Instagram certainly helped them catapult into the famed brands we know today.

After analyzing our own feeds, we came up with a list of other up-and-comers we’re constantly seeing people freak out over on Trendmood’s page, not to mention, on every blogger’s face. Keep reading to see some of the #trending beauty brands you need to know now.


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