Instagram 101: Top Apps Beauty Bloggers Use For Perfect Selfies
GETTY/ Art by Virginia Lowman
If you haven’t jumped on the selfie train yet, you’re late to the party. Instagrammers today aren’t passing out pity likes even to their friends, so blurry photos and selfies taken it bad lighting just won’t do—especially if you’re a blogger or someone with a cult following whose make a names for themselves taking flawless pictures with halo-worthy lighting. Because the lighting is not always in our favor, photo apps are the new necessity to making sure that you look over-girl gorgeous in every photo. We’re talking glowing skin, snatched waist, perfect lighting and blindingly bright teeth. Three vloggers recently took to YouTube to share their selfie secrets, and these apps are the ultimate digital cocktail for perfect selfie photography. 1. FaceTune: Basically Photoshop for your phone. Celebs, influencers and everyone who’s anyone loves FaceTune. Perfect your skin, whiten your teeth, sharpen your gaze and brighten your background all in one app. (Available for iOS and Android ) 2. After Light: For the photos that may be a little over exposed (too bright) or just need to look a little sharper, After light is the perfect quick-fix app. (Available for iOs and Android) 3. VSCO Cam: A favorite amongst the IG photographer elite, VSCO Cam is great for filters, dramatic lighting and professional grade filters.  (Available for iOs and Android ) 4. PicFX: Also, Great for filters, dramatic lighting and vintage borders. (Available for iOS) 5. Camera Plus: Perfect for taking photos with balanced lighting when you don’t have a lot of light. (Available for iOs)    


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