Indya Moore Is The Newest Face Of YSL Beauty
Courtesy of YSL Beauty

YSL Beauty is certainly kicking off 2022 with a bang. Naming Pose star Indya Moore their latest US Ambassador, the brand is showcasing its Lash Clash Mascara formula on the near-perfect face of the star. ESSENCE caught up with the stunner to discuss accentuating her eyes and deciding what brands to align with during these challenging times.

“It just gives me the umph,” she says of Lash Clash. “When I look at myself in the mirror, I recognize that there’s this really strong look Lash Clash gives me. She gives me length. She gives me seriousness. It makes me take myself seriously.” Most moving, however, is that Moore says the mascara, with 200% volume, can almost guarantee that people will stay away. “It gives very much social distancing,” she jokes. “During these times we need let folks know to stand back six feet, and this is it. When I’m wearing my mask, she’s serving me all the books. When I’m wearing my mask, she’s giving me everything that I need to be given just with my eyes. She makes up for the rest of my face.”

But it’s about far more than just makeup. Moore, who’s known for being vocal about social justice issues, quick to call out performative or unjust acts, aligned with the core values of YSL Beauty. “I didn’t know how much they really aligned with my values until I stepped in,” she says. “However, I am aware that it is also impossible for any company to be completely aligned with my values. Though I think that there are some businesses that can get closer to a place where people’s humanity is valued. Every production that I’ve been on since working with YSL, it’s been so casual. People aren’t hungry coming to work, that people aren’t afraid to use the bathroom or to drink water or to take care of themselves. There isn’t a culture of intimidation that exists on their sets that keeps people professional. It’s really a culture of respect that I think was empowering the professional environment and atmosphere of the spaces that YSL has curated.”

Moore admits that what she loves most is how the relationship continues to blossom. “There’s never been a perfect company or brand, and I have never, ever been consistently the perfect talent or professional,” she says transparently. “So I think that the relationships that I appreciate the most such as the one that I have with YSL are ones where people are giving each other opportunities for growth and are also maintaining a level of honesty, transparency and focus.”

Grab your Lash Clash ahead.