When I first heard about DERMAFLASH, the at-home dermaplaning device, I thought it was just another DIY skincare tool and didn’t give it too much more thought. I figured I’d get around to using it one day, or not. But when the team from DERMAFLASH reached out to let me know that both Janelle Monáe and Danai Guirira used the DERMAFLASH to prep their skin for their Met Gala beauty looks, I was full-on interested. When it comes to facials, masks, and makeup, I’ll try pretty much anything. But I was apprehensive about trying a tool that looks like an electric razor, and putting it anywhere near my face. So it took me some time to work up the nerve to it. But alas, I had to know, so trepidation aside, I jumped in and got FLASHED.

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First things first: read all the products and instructions before you start. Don’t be like me because you’ll end up skipping steps (like the all-important pre and post flash pads), and we don’t know the repercussions of skipping steps until it’s too late. The preflash cleanser felt a little tingly and made my skin look patchy and dry. I think the goal is dry because the post flash is there to rehydrate and moisturize, which it did, thankfully.

The machine vibrates like another device many ladies are familiar with, and can seem a little intimidating at first. But once you start you realize it’s not scary and it’s easy to use. There are two settings on the FLASH, so once you become a pro you can upgrade a level. I took baby steps, only using the first setting this initial time. I had to ease into this thing. I’ve always been leery about touching the pesky fuzz above my lip from fear that it would come back longer and stronger, but I threw all caution to the wind and FLASHED it anyway. I couldn’t be happier as I think I look better without that dark hair line hovering over my mouth. Whether or not it grows back more pronounced is just a matter of time—I’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, my hairy little cheekbones look so bald and beautiful too. And I even got the hairy parts of my forehead that are torturous to thread.

At first I thought my face couldn’t possibly be hairy enough to need this, but now that I see the results I realize all the difference it makes. Anytime I introduce a new beauty product or gadget into my life I’m always looking specifically at how it responds to melanin rich skin. The great thing about the DERMAFLASH is that it doesn’t matter. It’s about getting that peach fuzz and dead skin off so you can lay your makeup perfectly. I personally didn’t see any dead skin when I used it, which could just mean that I didn’t have any, or that I need to upgrade to the next setting. It’s not something I’ll be doing weekly, but for the sake of a good special occasion beat—like Beauty Carnival at Essence Festival, or a first date with Michael B. Jordan—I’ll definitely FLASH to get my face prepared for greatness.

The DERMAFLASH system is $150 and the DERMAFLASH LUXE is $200. That’s some decent coin to spend on a gadget. If you’re someone who has to beat their face to perfection daily, this might be a worthy investment. If you keep it pretty simple and don’t layer your makeup or wear much, you might not see the value in owning such a tool. But if you’re waiting for that date with Michael B., well, you will want to be ready if the opportunity ever comes around.


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