The final falsie in Huda Beauty’s lash collaboration collection finally dropped yesterday with fashion and beauty editor, correspondent, and influencer Kahlana Barfield Brown as the inspiraton.

Kahlana #21 Lash is a lightweight synthetic eyelash that mimics natural hairs, and is “representative of Barfield Brown’s distinctly bold and effortlessly cool style.”

“Finding the right lash has always been challenging for me because although I love to dress up, aside from my signature red lip, I can be a bit conservative with my makeup,” Barfield Brown told ESSENCE. “I’ve always felt like most lashes are either too much or too little—it’s hard to find something in between. I wanted to design a natural-looking wispy lash with just the right amount of glam.”

The lash was created with a crisscross design to add volume, but also just a touch of drama so that the lashes can be worn daily. If that doesn’t mirror Barfield Brown’s swag to you, then you probably don’t follow the beauty on Instagram. Her cool girl style can be both over the top and relatable all the same, yet consistently perfect for the occasion. And with her beauty game always at a ten (which includes her signature red lip), it’s no wonder the cult brand tapped her for inspiration.

 “She does it all and does it all so effortlessly. Kahlana was the perfect person to collaborate with on a beautifully elegant, yet edgy and cool everyday lash,” said Huda Kattan, founder and CEO of Huda Beauty. “We insisted on creating a lash together that worked for the hectic daytime schedule of an editor, and could easily transform into something elegant enough for evening events and galas. This lash does it all, just like Kahlana!”

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The first lash partnership in the collection launched in January of this year with Jacqueline Fernandez, followed by Olivia Culpo’s in March 2019, and Lottie Tomlinson’s in July 2019. The Kahlana #21 is the fourth and final lash to round out the collaborative collection.

For Kattan, it was important to get back to the brand’s foundation of honoring the women who influence and inspire her, through products as impactful as the women themselves. And for Barfield Brown, it was about more than just putting her name on any brand that came knocking.

“I’ve always admired Huda as a businesswoman in the beauty industry and I’m a big fan of her products. It was so refreshing to me to be partnering with a major brand who values inclusion and diversity in beauty,” said Barfield Brown.

“They understand that representation matters and I respect them for it. They knew and respected my work as a beauty editor and loved that I brought something different to the table. We went back and forth for over a year to design the perfect sexy wispy lash and we made sure we didn’t stop until it was flawless!”

The Kahlana #21 Lash is available in the U.S. and internationally at Huda Beauty online exclusively, Sephora, Harrods, Selfridges, Net-A-Porter, The Beauty Editor, and several other retailers.