8 Beginner Tips To Remember Before Creating Your Own Beauty App
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Antigua born, Bronx-raised Sian Morson (below) never set out to become a tech expert, entrepreneur or thought leader. In fact, she earned a film degree from New York University. But when she moved to San Francisco and discovered that film work was pretty scarce, while the tech business was on fleek, she resumed an early interest in the latter.

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Soon, she became the project manager at an advertising agency and began building websites for such clients as Philips, Audi and Coca Cola. Today, Morson is the CEO of Kollective Mobile, a leading mobile app and strategy company geared towards startups, small businesses, agencies and entrepreneurs. But she doesn’t just build for others, Sian made a name for herself last year when she created L’Oreal’s Generation Next Award Winner, Cast Beauty, a mobile app that recommends beauty products based on location, weather, skin and hair type. 

For Sian, using technology to solve problems is something she learned, and she wants to help other African American women do the same. After all, we spend an estimated 7.5 billion dollars on beauty products a year and are among the highest users of mobile phones. Shouldn’t we also be at the forefront of mobile app beauty creation? Plus, Sian says it’s the perfect time to get in because there are less barriers than when she started 15 years ago. So if you’re thinking of creating a a winning app, Sian’s tips will help you figure out your next steps!

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