How To Find Your Perfect Shade

Cocoa Swatches founder Ofunne Amaka shares her quick and easy guide for testing makeup against skin tones.

Nikki Brown May, 11, 2016

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Step 1: Gather your materials: masking tape, baby oil, cotton pads and of course—your makeup products.

Next, apply a gentle moisturizer to prime the skin. Cut thin strips of tape and apply them to the forearm.

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Why exactly do we apply product to the inside of the arm?

“It’s the easiest part of the body to easily see what products look like,” says Ofunne. “There is often no hair impeding the way of the product and the color of the inner arm often matches the color and texture of the face.”

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Once you’ve applied the tape strips to your arm, fill in each space with a product shade. If you’re looking to capture a click-worthy photo for Instagram, be sure the shades are in color order.

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We’re particularly obsessed with this Mally Shadow Stick because it has an iridescent finish and the color is seriously long-lasting. The sleek pen applicator also makes it the perfect liner/shadow to keep in your purse. Once you’ve colored in each shade, the tape can be carefully removed. Clean up any messy spots with a cotton pad.

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Before you remove the product, be sure to take a photo and/or examine each shade more closely. This is when you can really see which ones work best against your skin tone. Finishing your swatching session by properly cleansing the arm. Remove product with makeup wipes and baby oil. “The oil helps remove makeup products completely off of the skin so there is no color residue left over,” says Ofunne.

Learn more about the Mally Shadow stick here and be sure to check out our entire #GenGorgeous crew!


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