Get The Perfect His And Hers Beauty Gift This Valentine’s Day
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Gift-giving is hard and the pressure to get it right on Valentine’s Day can feel like a burden. It’s not Christmas, but it should be acknowledged, and you have to up the ante on the romance. I just discovered a gift that made my partner and I want to put on the slow jams, start our celebration early, and keep it going all night long.

At first I wasn’t sure what to think when I saw HELLO, a fragrance by Lionel Richie. I couldn’t stop replaying the song in my head, but I also laughed it off as something just cute and funny. But when I got my hands on the fragrances (there’s one for women and one for men) it was clear that Mr. Richie was not playing when he stepped into the fragrance arena.

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HELLO by Lionel Richie Eau de Parfum for women reminds me of a lush garden. That might sound corny, but the notes are sweet and floral but not overpowering. It’s the ultimate feminine declaration for the day of romance and beyond.

My partner said that it was nice and light, and made him want to eat me up. I put the fragrance on in the morning and people were complimenting my scent well into the late evening hours. If feeling desirable and scrumptious is in your Valentine’s Day plans, then this will be your sidekick.

HELLO by Lionel Richie Eau de Toilette for men is also fruity, and also fresh with a musky finish. Grapefruit is one of its top notes, but don’t be mistaken, it smells like a grown man. It’s the type of intoxicating smell that makes you turn your head at a passerby, or lean in close to a stranger at a party and ask, “what are you wearing?” It’s the type of classic fragrance that he’ll wear for years, and you’ll continue to love it on him as the decades go by.

Both scents are beguiling and sexy. They feel like being wrapped in a singer’s sultry voice (like, say, Lionel Richie). They’re like that first sip of a full-bodied red wine as you indulge in a hot bath on a freezing cold winter day. You can purchase them both in a set If you want to impress BAE and treat yourself in the process, then it’s these you’re looking for.


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