The only reason you’d call anything Rihanna pulls up with a lemon is because it leaves your eyes acidic (La Ferrar’ anyone?). And we love it. The singer has been leaving us with the sour face since she hit the scene as a teenager. Now as a beauty mogul, fashion entrepreneur, and trailblazer she’s changing industries. And she’s changing us in the process. But one thing that doesn’t change is how good this girl is at being a baddie.

Whether she’s having what appears to be a heated discussion (and never dropping her blunt in the process), dropping her first selfie of the decade, or giving Black women hope at her annual Diamond Ball, Rihanna is stunning. So on her 32nd birthday we’re pulling 32 photo receipts that prove that she’s one of the baddest to ever do it. Here’s to another 32 years of our favorite bad gal paving the way.

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