Why Entrepreneur Hannah Bronfman Is Partnering With Haircare Brand, Hair Food
Hannah Bronfman x Hair Food | Photo courtesy of Hair Food

There’s a rising emphasis on the importance of what we apply to our hair and skin. And we’re not talking about what it does for aesthetic purposes, we’re talking about the ingredients. Naturals in particular know, paying attention to what you use on your curls is paramount, and haircare brand Hair Food gets that.

Priding themselves on products completely free of parabens, sulfates, mineral oils, and dyes, the almost two-year-old brand recognizes that what’s used on the outside is just as important as what’s consumed on the inside. Hannah Bronfman, founder of HBFIT and entrepreneur, recognizes that too. That’s why, she’s teamed up with Hair Food, on the heels of giving birth to her baby boy on November 20, to chat with ESSENCE about why this partnership is so major.

What’s the importance of natural beauty products, especially now?

HANNAH BRONFMAN: Right now I feel like everyone is focusing on their health and working towards living an overall cleaner life. The products we use play a large role in this. I’m a firm believer that what you put on your hair and skin is just as important as what you put into your body. After all, the skin is the largest organ, and all these products we put on our bodies go into our bloodstream and really do have an effect on our overall health. 

Why is Hair Food a brand you wanted to align yourself with?

BRONFMAN: I was very drawn to Hair Food’s philosophy that you should feed your hair like you feed your body. I felt like it really aligned with my own ethos. I’m a huge believer in treating my body with love and fueling it with the best ingredients and the same goes for the beauty products I use. The partnership with Hair Food felt like a natural fit the minute I tried their products, I just fell in love. 

What’s your favorite product? 

BRONFMAN: The Avocado & Argan Oil Hair Mask. It’s so nourishing and makes my hair feel soft and revived after each use. I love to use it after I’ve been putting heat on my hair because I find that it brings my hair back to life and helps my curls get their bounce back. This mask plays into my whole self-care routine, I’ll throw it on my hair and then do something else like give myself a face or foot massage while it soaks in.  

Why has Hair Food been such a perfect fit for your existing hair care routine?

BRONFMAN: My hair routine is centered around really hydrating and minimal effort. I have found over the past few months that less is more when it comes to my hair. The more I leave it alone — which means putting away the heat tools —and just let it be, the more it thrives. Hair Food products naturally fit into this routine because they are great for curly hair and really nourish my curls. All their products are free from sulfates, dyes or parabens, which is something important when it comes to selecting products for my hair routine. 

How has your hair care routine evolved with pregnancy?

BRONFMAN: One of the best things about being pregnant through the whole pandemic is that I got to spend so much time at home and really indulged in self-care all the time. Since I didn’t have to go to events or photoshoots, I took the time to let my hair breathe and get healthy. This included doing lots of hair masks, and putting away the heat tools for a few months. I really let my curls have their moment and as a result I feel like I fell in love with my hair texture all over again. Between all the blowouts and extensions sometimes you forget how nice your natural curl pattern is. 

How has your relationship with your own hair evolved from when you were growing up?

BRONFMAN: I always loved my natural hair and would occasionally get blowouts and whatnot in high school, but I always embraced my natural curl pattern. However, when I was in college I shaved my head and the process of growing my hair back was extremely taxing. The growing out phase from shaving my head was when I started chemically treating my hair because that was the first time I realized my hair grew out and not down. I continued with chemical treatments until my hair was long enough on one side to then cut my hair into a bob. When I had the bob I continued to chemically treat my hair until it grew long enough to wear it curly and have a defined curl pattern. I have now been chemically free for six years and I love my natural hair! 


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