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Glossier Dominated My Skincare Routine For Two Weeks, Here's My Verdict

Let me tell you about this Glossier life!

As a full blown millennial, Glossier has been on my radar since it dropped in 2014. Then a fresh faced, 24-year-old, there was something about that fresh branding and “millennial pink” that just drew me in.

However, at that time I wasn’t as invested in my skincare routine (ah, youth) and aside from the brand’s cult favorite “Balm Dot Com” skin salve (which makes your lips feel like two plush pillows) I hadn’t had a chance to really dive into their products.

Fast forward five years, and as I approach 30 (whew), all I’m looking for is a brand whose products I can stand by.

My biggest concern when it comes to my skin is how oppressively oily my face gets on a daily basis. Seriously, it’s not a game and it’s everyday. I wasn’t sure that Glossier’s products, known for giving that covetable “glow,” would be a good fit. Honestly, a glow is the last thing that I need and I was super nervous about what that would look like for me.

Spoiler: I’m actually in love — but it’s that kind of apprehensive, “I can’t believe this is love” type of love, you know? It’s the, “I always had a thing for you from afar but I can’t believe we finally made it official and it works” kind of love. In short, I’m deeply satisfied and glad I took the plunge.

In the event that you’re as curious as I was, I’m giving you all the deets on the products I tried below and direct links to shop!

Check it out!