The holidays are here, which means that it is officially the gift-giving season. This month, we’ll go through countless rolls of gift wrap, endless layers of tissue paper, and at least two boxes of bows to ensure that the presents for our loved ones look pretty underneath the Christmas tree.

But let’s be honest. Once our friends and family rip through the Instagram freindly packages, the festive trimmings end up being a huge waste, and it’s bigger than you may think.

Estimates show that packaging, paper, bows, and unused gifts account for 25 million pounds of waste sent to landfills, but this holiday season, Love Beauty and Planet is on a mission to inspire #smallactsoflove that will make the world a little cleaner, greener, and beautiful. 

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On December 8, the clean beauty brand will transform the center-spread ad in the New York Times into reusable wrapping paper to encourage gift-givers to rethink their holiday waste. 

By upcycling the page, the brand hopes to save paper and reduce our environmental impact.

And while the ad will only be available this Sunday in the New York Times, you can also help to reduce waste by shopping Love Beauty and Planet’s eco-friendly gift sets here. All proceeds will go to The Recycling Partnership.  


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