Beyoncé’s Makeup Artist Reveals His Top Tips For Amazing Lashes
Getty Images/Paul Warner

Beyoncé is always on point whether it’s her hair, clothing or her makeup. For always looking flawless she enlists the help of the best stylists to pull of the most alluring and envious looks. Queen Bey’s longtime makeup artist is Sir John and he shared his fail-proof technique for better lashes with Allure magazine. It’s all about using three — yes three– different mascaras.

Step 1: Use a lengthening mascara as your primer and he explains how you apply: “like a toothbrush, then pull it through.”  

Step 2: Create some effect. “I concentrate my lash game on the outer edges for a mesmeric cat-eye effect.” Volumizing mascara is perfect for the outer lashes before pushing lashes up with a finger to curl them while mascara is still wet.

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Step 3: Finsh the look with a brown lengthening mascara on the bottom lashes. “It’ll look like black from afar, but it’s more flattering up close.” Simply the wand vertically so you can run it over the lashes lightly.

Once you are done you have lashes worthy of the Queen!

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