Gabrielle Union Just Wore A Face Mask In Public

When Gabrielle Union sets off on a #WadeWorldTour, we can expect photos that capture black love, fly fashion, and fresh-looking skin. But the latter isn’t necessarily the result of a vacation glow-up. In a video posted to Instagram Sunday, the actress revealed that she uses a face mask to boost her skin’s radiance.

The carefree clip shows Union casually strolling through an airport with a Joanna Vargas face mask plastered to her face. And for the record, we aspire to be this level of unbothered.

“Face Mask (check) Durag (check) Magnum of Champagne (check)…Say what you will be we are a damn good time #WadeWorldTour2019,” Union captioned the post.

Needless to say, the hilarious moment has us rethinking our skincare routine. Why tote a ton of moisturizers and serums, when you can breeze past TSA with one face mask that will deliver an equivalent glow or brighter a la Gabrielle Union?

Based on the 46-year-old’s smooth and radiant complexion, the luxurious face mask that retails at $75 for a set of five, may be worth the buy.

Gabrielle Union Just Wore A Face Mask In Public

The Joanna Vargas face mask “was everything,” said Union. For a glow like Gabby’s shop the collection here.