Navigating the complex world of social media can be difficult, but the challenges appear to be next level for high profile celebrities. With thousands of comments under any given photo, they’re almost guaranteed to see a weird mix of compliments, full blown conversations and of course, trolls with nothing better to do. 

We live for a clapback that puts the latter in their place and the latest is courtesy of Gabrielle Union

Last night (October 27), the ESSENCE cover star got glammed up for the Atlanta premiere of her upcoming film Almost Christmas and gave followers a sneak peek of her red carpet look. As you can see, she looks drop dead gorgeous: 

I love some lashes now… Almost ready for the #AlmostChristmas Atlanta premiere #mirrorfacebelike 👀😬😳

A photo posted by Gabrielle Union-Wade (@gabunion) on

Shortly after posting her selfie, the comments section read like a tabloid, with some accusing the actress of “getting her nose done,” letting an MUA “make her ugly” or depending on a Snapchat filter to enhance her beauty. 

“The new nose is terrible,” reads one, while another complains, “everyone looks so unreal these days with these apps on their phone that’s what she used to do her face like that… I don’t know who they’re trying to fool and she’s a beautiful girl she don’t need it.”

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In hindsight, it’s quite disturbing to see how comfortable people are with spewing such hurtful comments from behind a phone or computer. Nonetheless, Union’s classy clapback deserves a standing ovation. Flaunting another selfie, this time makeup-free, the actress rose above the hate by offering the opposite instead. 

“Me and my zits looking at those comments like… ,” she captioned the photo. “[Love and light] good people… sending good vibes to those who need it.”

And that’s how you do it! 



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