Gabrielle Union Dishes on Her Best Anti-Aging Secrets
Barry King/Getty Images

We can’t all look like Gabrielle Union, but we can sure try!

Union recently spoke with E! to dish on her tips on looking and feeling young. And the 42-year-old had one big anti-aging secret: learning how to say “no.”

“I swear to God, the second I learned how to say ‘no,’ I felt that was the best anti-aging I could do for myself,” the Being Mary Jane star said.

Setting boundaries, she said, was the best thing that she could do for herself. Pair that with her daily regimen of drinking a gallon of water and using Neutrogena, and she is living proof of the age-old adage—Black don’t crack (or “beauty by Blackness,” as she put it).

It also doesn’t hurt that Union is newly—and happily—married to NBA superstar Dwyane Wade. She said that a healthy and reciprocative relationship is another key to staying young.

“I think we’re just happier people,” she said of she and her hubby post-wedding. “We’re very protective of each other, and it’s a good time. It’s a good time at the Wade household.”