Gabrielle Union Beats The Heat With Neutrogena Sunscreen

Summer is here and we know you’ve been slathering on the sunscreen. But, did you know it’s just as important to wear it when the sun isn’t shinning? Sounds lame, but applying sunscreen no less than 30 minutes before going outside everyday can make the world of difference. Just ask Neutrogena ambassador, Gabrielle Union who is constantly on the red carpets beneath the Los Angeles sunrays. Here, she dishes on how she keeps her skin flawless. How do you protect yourself from the sun when you are on the red carpet?
Gabrielle Union: I apply a high SPF underneath my makeup. Usually my makeup artist will apply it just before she does my makeup, that way it has enough time to sink in and it doesn’t interfere with makeup. In our community we see moles as signs of beauty when really they are signs of sun exposure. When moles change shape it can be a sign of skin health issues that can lead to cancer. A few years ago I noticed the moles on my face and on my eyes were changing shapes and I had to get them removed and biopsied. It is not just a vanity thing; you have to really be diligent about it. I just learned that one of the things Bob Marley died from was melanoma. So when we think about African Americans being immune, one of our biggest icons had this as one of the biggest contributing factors to his death. Do you have any sun care tips?
Union: Anytime you are outside you need to have some sun protection. It should just become a part of your daily routine, kind of like brushing your teeth or washing your face. After you do your daily skin care regime, put your sun block on before you apply makeup. There’s no brand with sun protection like Neutrogena. Every year they are innovative. Spray on sunscreens are pretty popular. What are your thoughts on using them?
Union: We have the kids at the house and we were using the spray, but I will admit to not being as precise with spray. We live with a couple of jumpers at my house so I was not as precise with it. With the stick you really aren’t going to miss any area. Do you have any beauty secrets you’d like to reveal?
Union: I drink a gallon of water everyday. It has been the single most important part of my daily routine for a number of years now and it has made a huge difference in my hair, skin and my nails. I also cut sodas and juices that weren’t fresh pressed and I started off just trying to cut calories. Yesterday morning I did a fresh press kale, celery, cayenne, pear, beet, spinach, carrots press, which is specifically for my skin. What kind of changes did you notice in your skin?
Union: My skin is a bit more radiant and it has more of a glow. Women go through hormonal shifts, and I have suffered from breakouts recently. Of course we can’t resist the urge to pick them, so I have had discoloration.

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