Beauty experts have been telling us for years that less is more when it comes to applying makeup. But the beauty gurus on YouTube are abandoning that concept with the “Mix My Foundation” viral beauty challenge.

The challenge is pretty much what it sounds like.

Beauty vloggers mix and blend multiple foundations together from their vast makeup collections to create the perfect shade. Sure, for as long as there’s been a lack of diversity in product offerings on the shelves, Black women have always mixed similar formulas together to find a true match for their skin tones.

However, these YouTubers are taking it a step further by mixing as many as 25 shades at one time.

In the videos above, you’ll see popular YouTubers Nyma Tang and Andrea Renee take a drop or two of 12 foundation bases, blend them together evenly, then apply the mixture to their face. As you can see, the final results aren’t half bad and Tang’s even lasted through an entire day of moving.

“I think this held up really nicely,” said Tang in the video. “You guys should all give it a try if you haven’t already.”

Even though the challenge looks fun, we’ll just stick to applying the right shade of Fenty Beauty that we’re used to.

Would you ever try blending more than a couple of foundations together?


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