When it comes to YouTube tutorials we’ve pretty much seen it all. Though there’s generally a formula we all expect: Beauty vloggers begin with a quick chat, set-up the tutorial or product review and then do said tutorial or review on camera. However, YouTuber Kathlyn Celeste completely switch it up, and we love it.

Since most of the Internet is losing their mind over Feny Beauty’s latest release, Body Lava and Fairy Bomb, it should come as no surprise that there are hundreds of videos on YouTube reviewing the product already. And while many reviews are of the standard aforementioned type, Celeste (and her husband) gave her review a totally unique creative spin. 

In the three-minute video, Celeste gives us a sped-up makeup tutorial while a Lemonade-esque beat plays in the background. Starting with the Fenty Beauty primer and foundation, Celeste builds and creates an incredibly glowy and dewy look. She even shows us how to highlight and contour in the condensed lesson. 

What makes this video so uniquely entertaining is that the steps in the tutorial are actually rapped by Celeste’s husband no less. The couple turned what could’ve been a run-of-the-mill tutorial on its head.

We can only hope more vloggers take this couple’s lead and start to make their videos a bit more creative. Watch the full raptorial below.


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