Is Fenty Beauty’s Next Big Drop Eyeliner And Shadow? We Think So.
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Celebrities are their own best forms of advertisement. With millions of eyeballs glued to their every move, it only makes sense for them to use their social media platforms to debut their new products. And we have a sneaking suspicion Rihanna is doing just that by dangling the latest Fenty Beauty prods in plain sight. More specifically, on her face. 

At last month’s TDE Holiday Concert in Los Angeles, Rihanna hit the stage in an all-white ensemble. But what really caught our attention was the perfectly flicked stark-white cat-eye the songstress rocked. Priscilla Ono, Rihanna’s makeup guru and the global makeup artist for Fenty Beauty, posted a picture of the look on Instagram. Currently, eyeliner isn’t part of Fenty’s permanent collection so it’s not a big leap to think this product could be launching very soon. 

Our suspicion that eye products might be next on Fenty’s list was only further confirmed at this year’s Grammy Awards. During the show, Rihanna rocked a gorgeous vibrant violet shadow. The eye-catching color popped against Rihanna’s skin and caught the light perfectly to reveal a subtle shimmer and sheen. Needless to say, we wanted it stat

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Much like the white liner sported in December, Fenty Beauty doesn’t currently have shadows in its permanent collection either. While the brand did drop a holiday palette with shadows, the Pantone-inspired hue was not a part of it. 

While we can’t confirm which products are coming next from Fenty Beauty, we will be keeping a very close eye (pun intended) on Rihanna and Priscilla’s next posts for additional hints. 

Would you buy eyeliners and shadows if Fenty Beauty released them?