Father's Day On a Budget: 10 Gifts Under $10

This Father's Day keep the special man in your life groomed from head to toe with these wallet-friendly finds!

Andrea Jordan Jun, 08, 2016

1 of 10 Axe

Lather up with a wash that has relaxing notes of bergamot, pear and cedarwood. ($3.99, CVS)

2 of 10 Cetaphil

This soap-free wash, for even the most sensitive skin, gently clears away dirt and oil. ($8.49, Walgreens)


3 of 10 Dove

A loofah for the manliest of men, the scrubber sloughs off dead skin and the day’s grime. ($4.99, Target)

4 of 10 Mancave.com

He’ll love this aluminum-free deodorant with an outdoorsy scent. ($9.50, mancaveinc.com)

5 of 10 Marlowe

Keep hardworking hands silky smooth and hydrated with this rich cream. ($5.99, Target)

6 of 10 Poopourri.com

Freshen up your loo or any room with a cologne- inspired oil spray.  ($9.95, 2 oz, poopourri.com)

7 of 10 Yes To

He’ll stay cool with this balm that calms skin post-shave. ($8.99, Target)


8 of 10 Bulldog Skincare For Men

A blend of essential oils and shea butter helps soften rough skin.  ($6.99, Walgreens)


9 of 10 Schick

This razor’s new five-blade design gets him a closer shave with less irritation. ($9.99, drugstores)

10 of 10 Nivea

The multipurpose hydrator is now formulated with a divine fragrance specifically for him.  ($3.99, 2.6 oz, Walmart)