In a quest to look forever 21 I will try any face serum you put in front of me. They’re easy to use, they’re typically unfussy, and they tend to be lighter than moisturizers and creams. So I keep a face serum in my medicine cabinet, in my desk drawer, and on my radar. And because my skin is as complicated as that “Striking Vipers” episode of Black Mirror, I have to vary my serums to address my different needs.

Thankfully many of the serums out today target multiple skin concerns. But for the gal who doesn’t need skin brightening but maybe needs to work on wrinkles, or the lady who hasn’t seen a single facial line but wants to firm, we’ve got ten serums to try right now that tout ten different beauty benefits.

Disclaimer: usage may result in healthier looking skin, compliments, and excessive smiling. You’ve been warned.

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