Today is National Avocado Day, and for some individuals, it’s the perfect opportunity to try a new guacamole recipe or whip up an old favorite. But for beauty enthusiast, the holiday is apt for partaking in one of our favorite past times: masking.

Aside from being a tasty spread on toast and a topping that makes every dish Instagram friendly, the superfruit is also key for moisturizing hair and skin. Avocados contain fatty acids and vitamins that help combat dryness and inflammation, which is why we love smoothing it on when our skin and scalp flake.

With it being peak season for oily skin, the culprit of dryness, there’s no better time than now to reach for an avocado infused mask treatment to keep your scalp and skin nourished for hot girl summer.

To see some of our favorites, check out the gallery below.