When you’re a teenager, acne is prescribed as normal – it’s anticipated that your hormones will cause you to break out from time to time. But sis, as you’re rounding out your 20s and entering your 30s, that stubborn acne can affect more than just your skin. Living with adult acne can turn your world inside out. Often times it will impact your self confidence and prevent you from living your absolute best life.

Dealing with the physical flare ups topically is one feat but the unexpected emotional ones are the hardest to get our grips around. Sometimes there isn’t even any active acne, but we cant help but to look down, or shy away from a photo. Sis, even when I figured out how to effectively manage my skin, I would still have an internal meltdown about what I looked like and how I would be perceived.

That’s why I write these tips for everyone and anyone suffering with acne or acne scars. Here are 4 myth-busters to clear your mind and skin!

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TRUTH: Acne Isn’t Your Fault
You may not be obsessing over acne as much as you were in your teens, but I can bet that often times you still think it’s your fault. There’s no magic formula for perfect skin. Genetics are to blame – it’s in our DNA.

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TRUTH: Stress Can Cause Acne
The pimples that surfaced just in time for your prom, wedding day, or meeting probably wasn’t a coincidence. Stress creates a hormonal imbalance in the body, which can lead to acne. Rest assured, taking a hold of your “zen” is one of the best first steps in your skincare journey.

LIE: Poor Hygiene Causes Acne
Growing up we heard the myth that acne is caused by dirty skin from family members. Some of us act on this by over washing, scrubbing, and cleansing. Washing your skin too frequently and too aggressively can make an acne breakout much worse. Overzealous scrubbing can cause irritation, even tiny scratches and micro-tears in the skin, which may open the gates to more inflammation.

LIE: Acne Goes Away On Its Own Or Has A Cure
I know that our households, dermatologist and licensed professionals are often viewed as a second opinion after home remedies. There are treatments available to clear up acne breakouts and help prevent future blemishes. Don’t just leave a pimple to swell and mark your skin. There are plenty of treatments — both over-the-counter and prescription — available to help unclog those pores and clear up an acne breakout. Seek a professional sis.

Sorry to disappoint, but acne doesn’t have a cure. It’s conditional. Acne may come and go at different times in your life; but if you have acne-prone skin, you should always be concerned with managing it.