Tips For Exfoliating — Straight From The Experts
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As we head into the new season, there’s no better time to prepare for the harsh winter months that can wreak havoc on our skin. And no, we’re not talking about moisturizing. According to experts, one of the best ways to enhance our self-care regimen is with exfoliation, a process that helps refresh and renew the skin. Below, learn more about the skin care process that does away with dry, itchy and ashy skin for good! 

While some A-list celebrities are publicly voicing their dislike of a daily bath or shower, we found it a perfect time to dive into more reasons why you should add a washcloth to your hygiene routine and stick to a daily skin care routine. Let’s get into exfoliation.

According to Sunitha Posina, M.D. (also known as the “Beauty Internist”), exfoliation offers more benefits than just removing dead or dry flaky skin. It also plays a significant part in keeping your skin naturally glowing. “Exfoliating helps to penetrate serums or moisturizers into your skin more deeply and effectively,” she informs us. “It also helps to unclog pores and therefore reduces acne, which provides a more even skin tone and overall texture.”

Encouraging readers to exfoliate at least one to two times a week, Posina insists that consistency can really pay off. “Long-term exfoliating will help to make the skin appear more uniform and also increase collagen production,” she explains. 

So, how should we go about exfoliating? The “Beauty Internist” suggests gently applying the product in small circular motions with your fingers—this goes for both the face and the body. “If you use a brush, make light and small strokes,” she says. “Be sure that you rinse off with cool or lukewarm water.” 

While there are many benefits to exfoliating, overdoing it can be damaging to the skin. “If you notice your skin is red, inflamed, peeling or irritated, then your skin might be begging for a break,” Posina advises. “To combat small breakouts or rough patches in your skin, use a cold compress or aloe gel to soothe the skin. You can also add vitamin C to your regimen to help expedite the healing process.”

Wondering what are some of the best products on the market to exfoliate the skin? We’ve got you covered, sis!  

Keep scrolling as we share a few of our favorite exfoliators that you will definitely want to add to your skin care routine.