During Essence Festival last month, YouTube star and beauty sensation, Jackie Aina told fans to expect a new collaboration that would launch on or around her birthday (August 4), but the beauty guru was tight-lipped on the details surrounding the project.
But over the weekend, the beauty influencer, who celebrated her 32nd birthday Sunday, finally let the cat out of the bag. In an Instagram post, Aina revealed that she collaborated with makeup brand Anastasia Beverly Hills (ABH) to bring fans a 14-shade eye shadow palette featuring dynamic matte and metallic pigments.
Until recently, we were guessing about the details surrounding the collaboration, but I caught up with the makeup maven for an exclusive interview, where she shared everything from the inspiration behind the palette to the creative process. 

When asked about the palette’s shade range, which includes everything from cool to warm tones, Aina said she wanted to create a palette that anyone could use.

“I wanted to create a palette that was not intimidating for the average makeup wearer. It had to represent my personality, but it also had to appeal to the person who kind of wants everything in a palette to work. I wanted to be able to create everyday looks, pops of color, and I also wanted it not to be too scary for maybe someone who wants to start getting into color.”

To the brown skin girl who may be intimidated by color, Aina says pigments pop most on deeper skin. “I’m always encouraging the brown girls to step out of the box, step out of the norm and to embrace the melanin of our skin because honestly, the colors should pop ten times more beautiful,” Aina shared.

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Aina says she spent eight months perfecting the vibrant pallet because she wanted fans to feel fun, and creative while wearing the full-pigment formulas. 
The beauty influencer even shared that her five-year plan includes the launch of her very own makeup line and that her collaboration with ABH helped her see how innovative she could be.

The Jackie Aina Palette, which will launch in-store and on ABH’s website August 15, retails at $45, so ladies get your coins ready.

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