When it comes to the Zodiac signs, we love to show up and represent! Whether it’s cluing people into our personalities or celebrating our birthday months, repping your sign is a quick way to let people know that what they see in the stars, is what they get in the flesh. 

As we head into the new year and align our lives with our favorite constellations, Evryday Jane—the brand known for its stylish and functional essentials—has created a fun-filled collection designed to display our Zodiac signs in the most unique way possible.

Founder Rakia Reynolds commissioned young and talented artist, Skai Reynolds (who is also her daughter) to design t-shirts that bring awareness to the Black beauty of Zodiac signs. The highlighting point? Glorious crowns. 

“This line was inspired by a conversation I had with my mother about the absence of Black women in visual representations of astrological signs,” Skai reveals to ESSENCE exclusively. “The designs in the Zodiac collection represent what I saw growing up at the hair salon. When I dream about cosmic connections or anything metaphysical, this is what I see.”

Each astrological sign features Black women rocking amazing hairstyles that include everything from short lays to extravagant ponytails. Each design was hand-drawn and painted by Skai in six months.

“I found great synergy and a relationship between the shapes of the hair and the Zodiac signs,” the teenager explains about finding inspiration between writing essays and filling out college applications. “I then began focusing my work on Black beauty and hair (or sans hair) using mixed media techniques to capture our hair moments that are also a work of art.” 

Skai says that as a true Taurus, she has a great appreciation for creativity and artisanship. “I want people to be able to see themselves or someone they know in the collection, which is why this collaboration was meant to be,” she tells us. “I agree with Evryday Jane’s mission and vision to appeal to everyday women with everyday stories.”

The young artist, who will be attending Pratt Institute with a concentration in fine arts, says that you can expect another collaboration with Evryday Jane in the future, along with other work to promote Black and Brown artists. “I want to create a series of programs that give access to Black and Brown creatives abroad.” 

The Zodiac Collection tees are available at EvrydayJane.com for a reasonable price of $35. Which one is your favorite?


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