ESSENCE Fest 2018: The Beauty Products You Shouldn't Leave At Home 

Siraad Dirshe Jul, 02, 2018

The final countdown has begun! ESSENCE Fest launches this Thursday (July 5), and after months of prepping, it’s hard to believe the three-day festival is only days away.

While we’re certain you’re already packed and have your makeup looks planned out, we’ve got a checklist to ensure you don’t forget the essentials (think: sunscreen and braid spray). Ahead, check out a few essentials you shouldn’t leave home without. 

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The last thing you want to happen are dry itchy braids. This amazing braid spray is perfect for nourishing your braids on the go.

available at Walmart $3 Buy

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No matter how tired you after a long night of jamming and hanging with your girlfriends, you'll still have to wash your face. And this cleanser from Aveeno makes it super easy. 

available at Walmart $7 Buy

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In the Nola heat, hair will thirst for lots of moisture and this spray delivers. 

available at Walmart $9 Buy

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SPF is a must, so make sure to keep this one on hand. 

available at Walmart $8 Buy

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Mousse is great because it can work on a variety of hairstyles including braids, cornrows and even wash-and-gos.

available at Walmart $5 Buy

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This oil spray is weightless which means it delivers all the moisture you need without weighing your hair down or making it greasy. 

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The last thing you want at ESSENCE Fest are dry cracked lips. Thankfully this one is packed with shea butter and sunflower oil. 

available at Walmart $3 Buy

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In heat and humidity, a powder will literally be your best friend. And this one from CoverGirl is great. 

available at Walmart $6 Buy

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To avoid chipping (or to mask it), a quick coat of this clear formula will do the trick. 

available at Walmart $3 Buy

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What's the best way to relax and unwind after each day? A face mask of course. So be sure to bring a few options.

available at Walmart $2.50 Buy

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If you plan on rocking sleek straight tresses at ESSENCE Festival, this serum is an absolute must. 

available at Walmart $7 Buy

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If you'll be rocking a wash-and-go at Festival, be sure not to forget your curl cream. 

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This body wash is super hydrating and also smells divine. 

available at Aveeno $6 Buy

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The key to maintaining silky hydrated skin in the sweltering heat can be found in the ingredients of this velvety-textured cream.

available at Walmart $15 Buy

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When the temperatures heat up, waterproof mascara is an absolute must in the Big Easy. LashBlast is the perfect quick-fix to looking pulled together without a full beat.

available at Walmart $7 Buy


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