Dare to be bold. Dare to be beautiful. Dare to be fearless. Dare to be phenomenal. Dare to be YOU!

Today, ESSENCE kicks off its one-day #DareToBeYOU campaign. This fun and inspirational campaign extends from the October beauty issue and encourages women of every shape, color and size to celebrate her unique beauty. 

The campaign is running across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. Be sure to like and share the #DareToBeYOU posts on Facebook and Pinterest and look out for morning inspiration followed by positive #DareToBeYOU messaging all afternoon on Twitter.  

To join in on the fun, upload a photo on Instagram of your favorite beauty feature, for example your hair, lips, smile or freckles. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #DareToBeYOU and you may appear on ESSENCE.com! 

This is your time to celebrate what makes you special. #DareToBeYOU


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