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The $500 Hair Tool That Black Women Are Completely Obsessed With — And For Good Reason

After years of wondering if the hefty price tags are worth it, Black women have decided that when it comes to Dyson, the answer is yes.

It was 2016 when Dyson, the then beloved vacuum brand began its foray into hair. Much like its predecessor, the high-tech hair tools also boasted a generous price tag. And while the technology of course piqued the interest of Black women, like with most other hair tools on the market, the immediate assumption was that the brand wasn’t created with us in mind.

Over the years, that’s evolved and Black women of all different hair types are discovering that the investment in a Dyson hair product is worth it every single time. However, it began with the professionals, hairstylists who discovered the incredible benefits of the Supersonic Hair Dryer, specifically. It became a backstage must-have for natural hair because of its ability to straighten the coils while still preserving the curl pattern. One of those experts was Jawara, Dyson Global Ambassador and hairstylist to stars such as Beyoncé, Rihanna and Naomi Campbell.

“I love the fact that using Dyson on natural hair still leaves the hair with a certain integrity,” he tells ESSENCE. “Dyson seems to be really mindful with how much thought they put into the technology of how to still maintain curls because you don’t have to use such a high heat for it to work. The response of the women and men that I use it on that have natural hair, they’re always like “Wow, what’s this?”

And as the technology of Dyson Hair evolves, as does its reach on social media. Constantly going viral, if you’ve scrolled your timeline lately, specifically on TikTok, chances are you’ve seen the brand’s latest innovation, the Airwrap Styler. Mainly known for its easy curling capabilities with rotating cool tip technology, its the other attachments that are proving more of the star for hair like ours.

Does Dyson Work On Black Hair?

“There’s the wide-tooth comb attachment that goes with the Airwrap now,” Jawara shares. “What I love about it is you can go from the roots all the way out to the end of the shaft without any snagging. We’ve been using these Afro-pick blow dryers for so long and they do so much damage to our hair, sometimes they even go above 450 degrees.”

Other attachments in the kit include: Coanda Smoothing Dryer, 1.2″ Airwrap™ Long Barrel, 1.6″ Airwrap™ Long Barrel, Soft Smoothing Brush, Firm Smoothing Brush and Round Volumizing Brush.

And as someone who was able to try it herself, first using the wide tooth comb to dry my hair (also weave) then using 1.2″ Long Barrel to create fanned-out waves I can say that I’m a believer. However, there’s certainly a learning curve. When using the curling barrel, I had to learn how to hold my hair just right, allowing the hair to twist up properly and turn on the cool shot to set the curls.

Once I brushed the curls out, bombshell curls appeared.

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The Airwrap is proving a substitute to practically ever other hair tool one would need in their stash. According to videos all over social, the drying time is cut in half and no matter the texture, it’s equally as effective. “They new Airwrap has an Coanda effect,” Jawara says of the updated technology that dries, smooths, and hides flyaways. “So when you use it, the air’s coming through that comb and going straight through the follicles. It dries it as opposed to blasting it.” Even better, Jawara says the Airwrap is perfect for hair anywhere longer than 5 inches — debunking yet another myth that Dyson only works for length.

And if you need anymore convincing, behold several Black women who’ve betted on Dyson, and loved it.

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Yes black ppl can own the airwrap and yes it can be used on super curly hair! #fyp #dysonairwrap #blowout

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