Dope Queen Phoebe Robinson Isn’t Shy About Her Belly Hair
Gary Gershoff/WireImage

Dope queen Phoebe Robinson comes up with some of her best work in the bathroom. If you know her catalog, that probably doesn’t come as a surprise to you. But it may come as a delight to you that she’s taking those bathroom gems (yep, we just said that) and turning them into funny anecdotes you’ll want to hear with her new video content series in partnership with Schick Intuition f.a.b. called Shave Thoughts, which kicks off on June 6.

The multi-hyphenated entertainer is currently traveling for her Sorry, Harriet Tubman tour, which is completely sold out in Brooklyn where she currently lives. We got the chance to share an intimate bathroom moment with the dope queen in hopes of hearing some fresh material, and to hear some of her beauty thoughts. The girl’s girl friend in our head is not shy about her hair adventures and mishaps.

What are your current beauty must-haves?

I’m a hairy little beast. I keep the hair on my head on point. For other parts I use the Intuition f.a.b. razor. You’ve got to do hair management, especially when you’re traveling. I use it in the shower; I’m relaxing, it’s bi-directional so I just go up and down. It’s easy.

Do you shave your arms?

Of course. I do arms, arm pits, legs, back of the knees, the whole shebang. When I’m shaving I think of stand-up stuff and it’s perfect.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever come up with in the shower or bathtub?

I have a couple of sex jokes with my boyfriend. I’ve thought about those in the shower. Not to get too risqué now, but you’ll come to the stand up tour and hear them.

What can we expect from Shave Thoughts?

I have shave thoughts about dating my boyfriend. We recently moved in together and that’s when you really get to know someone. When you’re sharing the same space and you’re farting around each other, that’s like, the real you. I also talk about being a woman, waxing, observational stuff about living in New York. It runs the gamut. I think people are just going to walk away feeling like ‘oh I’ve had that experience too, so now I can feel like I know someone else who has.’

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What’s one of the craziest things your boo has discovered about you since moving in together?

I think probably that I have stomach hair too.

A treasure trail?!

Yeah! I have more stomach hair than he does. Because I shaved it he didn’t know. But now we shower together so I’ll just shave in there and he’s helpful, he’ll tell me ‘don’t forget your stomach.’ And I’m like ‘don’t be that helpful!’

Obviously, your hair is a star. How do you keep your mane cared for?

I love to deep condition with Shea Moisture because my hair tends to get dry. I also love a cute little headwrap. I have a chill curl pattern so I put on a wrap and let my curls stick out and it sort of looks like I’m Miss Cleo minus the tax evasion problems and the accent.


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