20 French Manicure Designs For Every Nail Shape And Length
Instagram/Sparkle Nail Bar

10 years ago, the idea of wearing a French manicure would have been considered beauty blasphemy. The staple look of the late ’80s and early ’90s had become — according to many — outdated and out of style, being replaced with seemingly more modern nail designs. But nowadays when it comes to beauty, everything old is new again, and that’s particularly the case for the French manicure designs which have made a victorious return in the most updated ways.

We’re no longer talking those razor-sharp square shapes with deep white arches. Nope, instead it’s bright colors, new shape and line variations, alternating styles, and incorporating with other designs. No matter your taste — whether its marked by an inclination for drama, or you prefer your manicures more demure — the look, unlike times past, really has something for everyone.

But we can show you better than we can tell you. So ahead, see 20 French manicure styles that are versatile, fun, classy, and overall just great to look at.

Everything Tips

Multi-Colored Half-Moons

Monochromatic Shifts

Neon Rims

Checkered Nudes

Dual-Length’d Hearts

Triangle Time

Three-Dimensional Textures

Zebra Tips

Rainbow Gradients

Lipstick Lines

Matte Splits

Classic Stilettos

Neon Jewels

Blurred Lines

Rhinestone Crazy

Tortoise Strikethroughs

Third Eyes

Jade Finishes

Geometric Almonds