7 Jaw-Dropping Beauty Trends We Need To Leave in 2017

These bizarre hair and makeup should stay right here. 

Samantha Callender Dec, 22, 2017

While everyone can appreciate a good beauty hack, some beauty bloggers took it to a whole new level this year. 

We rounded up a list of the biggest trends — from nose hair extensions to lollipop lips — we spotted on YouTube and on the runways. While these are definitely not looks we’d sport on a night out, the trends posted endless clicks and likes for those social media influencers.

Take a peek at some of the craziest trends that took over social media this year.

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While we’re pretty sure this was just click bait for beauty influencers and blogs, the fact that people took perfectly good eyelashes and glued them into their nostrils is just bizarre.

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While this look could slay during a high fashion editorial, it just doesn’t serve in the same way when you see it at the grocery store or on a night out.

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Making brows squiggle was surprisingly a trend for a while there, but luckily it died hard.

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People are tattooing dots across to their faces in an effort to have freckles. Hopefully they go to a licensed cosmetologist to get the tattoos so they don't appear too bold.

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Folks were dipping their ears in paint to add a pop of color to their look, but it just seems like a very odd place to want to add a pop of color.

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For some reason smearing lipgloss and lipstick around your lips became a trend, and even popped up on the runway during New York Fashion Week.

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This trend became a full on epidemic, and we're hoping that it stays in 2017.


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