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Here’s One Skincare Mistake You Keep Making

It's the middle man that we've grown comfortable with skipping.
Here’s One Skincare Mistake You Keep Making
Manfred Koh Photography/Styling: Anna Yakhnich

Unless you’ve been blessed with perfect skin, achieving a blemish-free face means adopting a healthy and consistent routine. There’s no way around it! We get it: keeping up with a set of products is easy in theory, but quite the opposite in reality; especially if you lead a busy lifestyle.

The truth is, there are core steps that shouldn’t be avoided, no matter the circumstances. They include toning, an often neglected part of skincare routines.  A toning water, gel or lotion is what calms the skin’s PH balance and tightens pores after a cleanser has opened and stripped the latter of moisture.

If analogies are your thing, think of the “cleanse, tone, moisturize” routine as a workout for the face. Cleansing is cardio, toning is strength training and moisturizing is stretching. Without one, the entire routine goes awry. Long story short: toning is the middle man that we’ve grown comfortable with skipping. Stop making this skincare mistake!

According to Dr. Marina Peredo, associate clinical professor of Dermatology at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York, toning is a fool-proof way to further remove oil, dirt and debris from the skin. At the same time, you should be mindful of the ingredients your toner includes, especially if you fall in the “sensitive skin” category.

“Sensitive skin types are often very complicated to manage,” says Dr. Peredo. “They are delicate and vulnerable to all sorts of problems. Patients with sensitive skin should not use alcohol-based toner.”

So, what’s the alternative? Peek inside the July BeautyBox and you’ll find it. Not only are Dickinson’s Wipes TSA-friendly and small enough for your purse; they’re also infused with witch hazel. What sets this ingredient a part from other astringents is that it’s naturally derived (from North American shrubs) and also anti-inflammatory. This means it will reduce redness and irritation.

“It will help in tightening the skin,” adds Peredo. “It is also found to be very good for delicate skin and its anti-bacterial properties will help in protecting the skin from different diseases.”

What you see is what you get with witch hazel. There are no hidden hard-to-pronounce components and it’s safe for just about anyone. Be sure to whip out your Dickinson’s Wipes and tell us how you’re incorporating into your skincare routine!


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