Check Out the Gravity-Defying Hair In the Latest ‘Colored Girl Campaign’ Photos

The latest images from the The Colored Girl Project, captured by photographer Joey Rosado, make the beauty of black hair abundantly clear. 

The digital campaign was created to celebrate the magnificence of brown women and to empower women to love their unique features.

"OUR skin absorbs the sun's rays and OUR hair defies gravity. You can't tell US WE'RE not magical." It shocks US that the beauty industry has still not fully embraced US. Daily as black women we're faced with subpar choices/treatment due to the ignorance of others. To bring us to the table isn't enough…when we're fed left overs. If you are going to call yourself an expert in any field, you should be well informed and readily equipped to deal with the full spectrum of ALL women. We want to be INCLUDED, ACCEPTED & CELEBRATED…not just RELEGATED to the "ethnic" section!! 👑✨👑 ✨ Photographer: @islandboiphotography Hair Stylist (both crown & body): @jayhairbigga Models: @stylebytori @jayhairbigga @srvj #TCG MUA @25thandjane

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“Our skin absorbs the sun’s rays and our hair defies gravity. You can’t tell us we’re not magical,” reads the caption on a shot of three beauties.  

“How can you not love the part of you that grows towards the universe!?” says another caption: 

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