This Black-Owned Beauty Salon Offers Wellness Luxury And Clean Beauty
Courtesy of Classic Beauty Studio

We all have our grooming cycles when it’s time to get our hair done, which may also turn into getting our nails done, scheduling a refreshing facial and maybe even a lash refill. Whether you have implemented these self-care services into your lifestyle or reserve them for special occasions such as vacation prep, traditionally, these services require you to make individual appointments at separate establishments. However, at Classic Beauty Studio in Brooklyn, New York, clients are able to come in for hair care services and spa treatments – making it possible to attend to all of your self-care needs in one trip.

As a destination for hair and skincare, Classic Beauty Studio [CBS] is housed in a spa-like environment designed with a minimal aesthetic to create a space of zen for their clients. Aside from the range of services CBS provides, the company prides itself on being a Black-owned and family-operated business that has provided elevated wellness experiences for people of color for over 15 years. 

“Classic is made for those girls and guys who love quality, comfort, and of course great style,” Kadeisha Placide, co-owner of CBS, tells ESSENCE. “Our aim is to make luxury a convenience for the on-the-go/working individual.Traditionally, at salons you either get great styling with minimal attention to health and customer experience; or the inverse—we do both!”

Although there are many elements that sets Classic Beauty Studio apart from the average salon, the company’s commitment to clean beauty is the most distinct. “At Classic, clean beauty is where luxury meets high-performance,” says Placide. “From our plant and flower based product choices to our soft water filters, we consider ourselves to be pushing the ethical and clean standards in the beauty world for POC.”

“Throughout the studio, we use and retail Aveda—a plant and flower based company,” Placide continues. “From their natural ingredients to their built in aromatic solutions, their wellness motto aligns with ours and is intended for a mind, body and soul connection as it relates to beauty.” 

While CBS prioritizes the use of vegan beauty products, the beauty salon does not exclude those who wish to schedule services that traditionally involve the use of harsh chemicals such as color services, keratin treatments and relaxers. “Clean Beauty is defined by the use of product choices that produce optimal functionality and high performance in safe and non-harmful ways,” Placide explains. “The common misconception with clean beauty is that this excludes all chemical usage. However, our product choices are all selected to cater to the overall health of our clients in mind. We opt for milder and more sensitive forms of products that contain chemicals that are traditionally harmful.”

In addition to upholding the standards of the Classic brand, Placide is also making strides to evolve the company’s presence and reach after countless conversations behind the chair. “In June 2022, we launched our wellness tribe, Women in Power. Our first experience was our new annual ‘Run the World’ Brunch, which took place at the studio,” Placide shares. “The mission for this event was to honor and celebrate women who are on top of the fields they’re in, while sparking conversation around balance and self-care.”

Furthermore, Placide shares that Classic Beauty Studio’s latest service launch shows the company’s commitment to their clients’ convenience. “In July 2022, we launched our traveling service, Classic Travel—offering hair and makeup services to clients on-the-go worldwide,” she says. “Traveling has become a new form of self-care priority for many – after having the privilege limited for a couple years due to the global pandemic – and we saw a space to offer our services.” The traveling initiative serves occasions and events such as destination bridal parties, girls group trips, photoshoots, brand events and more.

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