Chaka Khan Just Spilled All of Her Iconic Makeup Secrets in a Video, and We Can’t Stop Watching
Gary Gershoff/Getty Images

Chaka Khan is a living legend, and she’s also a beauty and style icon. So when we saw she spilled all of her diva makeup ritual for Vogue’s YouTube Beauty Secrets series, we freaked. Despite being 64 years-old, Chaka easily rivals any of today’s beauty vloggers when it comes to makeup advice. 

In the video, the I Feel For You singer gives us her glam for both day and night. From how to contour, to what lipstick color makes you look most youthful Chaka really knows her stuff. To make it easy for you we’ve compiled our favorite, and most practical, Chaka beauty tips. Keep reading for the things we can’t wait to try, and to watch the full video. 

1. Skip false lashes. “I absolutely despise false eyelashes. I can’t work with them I sweat too much,” she says. 

2. Forget red lipstick, opt for pink. “I’ve gone off reds and I do the hot pinks, they’re more youthful,” explains Chaka. 

3. Never forget powder, ever. “Any time you put on foundation, be sure to go over over it with powder,” the diva instructs. 

4. Eyeliner can easily take you from day to night. “I’ll take a little more black [eyeliner] and it’s going to make it pop more and be really pretty,” she says. 

5. Oh, and don’t forget perfume! “Always spray your favorite perfume, and always look your best,” the singer reminds. 


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