What does one wear to sit down and chop it up with a musical legend? And what do you do with your hair knowing that hers will be nothing short of phenomenal? There was no official memo, but in my case, there should have been. When I received an invitation to meet with the vivacious icon Chaka Khan, I was beyond elated. So I threw on my favorite sparkly boots, a shoulder baring top, and the curly lace front that I’d been rocking all week. Little did I know, that meeting with such a powerhouse would lead to me being called out on my less-than-fabulous unit. Real recognize real, and when you step into a room with hair aficionados, they can spot a fake immediately.

Not that I need to run down her roster but Chaka Khan is known for cult classics such as “I Feel For You,” “Sweet Thang,” “Through the Fire,” “Ain’t Nobody,” and “I’m Every Woman.” She’s also known for her show-stopping statement hair that couldn’t be missed from any point in any room. So I was floored when the 10-time GRAMMY Award Winner, and her longtime friend and hair stylist George Robert Fuller read me for filth (no tea, no shade, it was all in good fun) for the not so sweet thang I had on my head. The result: I walked away with a new mane resembling that of one of the greatest musicians of our time.

Chaka Khan has teamed up with Indique Hair to create a signature line of pieces in order to bring her coveted style to women everywhere. The Chaka by Indique collection includes two looks, iKhanic Curl and iKhanic Straight. Both full adjustable wigs have a texture and luster that makes creating styles that look natural easy for the greenest of wig novices. The line also includes iKhanic Shine, a finishing spray with jojoba seed oil and Vitamin E, that can also be used as a heat protectant.

Before leaving with the best midday hair glow up you could imagine, I got the chance to sit down with the multi-hyphenated vocalist in an attempt to get her to spill some of her best kept hair secrets, and what else she has in store for her ever-growing empire.

You clearly have iconic hair so the question isn’t why you’re doing this, but what took you so long?

I got to it when I got ready. I want to empower younger people, to live their best lives, to feel good about themselves. To love themselves. Even though I’m still working on loving myself. I’m still working on it but it’s something that I think can be achieved. Time for me to share.

Is this the beginning of more collaborations to come ?

Absolutely. My clothing line. I’m doing makeup. I’m doing everything to help everybody I can to enhance the beauty that they possess. But I want to stress that the beauty comes from the inside and that’s the main thing.

You’re know for your big curls. Have you ever had a time where you tried to go straight or something different and you’re like, ‘What the heck?’

[George] tried to make me wear my hair straight. He wants me to try new and different things. There’s nothing wrong with that if I’m open to [it]. I didn’t feel comfortable like that.

Have you ever gotten a hair pat down at the airport?

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Oh yes! They’re like, ‘Is this hers?’ I said go ahead and pat it.

The Chaka by Indique line includes two units for now.

Yes. My idea is to do some like rainbow colored clip-ins and stuff. Not something pink, not pink and blue. I’m talking ’bout some hair colors, like real colors. I’m thinking of doing some leopard stuff.

When you do your own hair what is your go-to style?

A pompadour just like Katharine Hepburn. I can do a good Billie Holiday too.

How have you kept your hair healthy through all the manipulation and styling?

Grease. Zinc cream on the scalp and I like coconut oil. I make all sorts of hair oils. My favorite [right now] is weed oil.

What is the best hair advice that you’ve ever been given, that you would also give?

Do what you want!

Chaka by Indique is available starting April 30 at indiquehair.com and chakabyindique.com.