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Winnie Harlow's Latest CAY Skin Launch Will Keep You Moisturized This Fall

The supermodel/business owner sits down with ESSENCE to reflect on her first year in business and to introduce CAY Skin’s latest launch.
Winnie Harlow’s Latest CAY Skin Launch Is A Body Cream
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After experiencing an intense sunburn while on location for a photo shoot, Winnie Harlow quietly developed what is now CAY Skin, a skincare brand for everyone under the sun, emphasizing that sun care and skincare move in tandem.

After just six months of being in business, CAY Skin has launched 5 products that protect the entire body and face, which can be purchased from the brand’s website or, Sephora.

Today, Harlow is revealing the brand’s newest suncare product, Deepwater Body Créme. “It’s been an incredible experience and being able to partner with Sephora – one of my favorite places to shop – has been a dream,” Harlow tells ESSENCE. “It’s been really rewarding to see people’s comments about the brand and the lip balm was definitely something I did not expect to be so beloved by everyone, but it’s sold out three times in a row already, so that was something that made me extremely happy.”

Winnie Harlow’s Latest CAY Skin Launch Is A Body Cream

If you love CAY Skin’s products that are packed with SPF, then its latest launch is perfect for those who need sun protection for their entire body. The body créme joins the brand’s existing product, ‘Deepwater Dew Body Serum’, expanding the line to provide your skin with a solid base of hydration before topping it with a dewy glow. 

“The name ‘Deepwater Body Créme’ comes from the surge of moisture you get when you use anything from the ‘Deepwater’ line,” Harlow explains. “I like to use them after I’m coming out of the shower or the bath when I’m still a little damp so that I’m really locking in maximum moisture.”

The lightweight, moisturizing body créme is infused with ingredients like sea moss and aloe vera to promote hydration, and infused with niacinamide for toning and Kakadu plum for skin brightening. “Kakadu plum is a powerful antioxidant that brightens skin, so I wanted to include it because it has such a rich source of Vitamin C,” Harlow adds. “It actually has the highest natural source of Vitamin C than any other food in the world, which I think is like 100x oranges.”

Winnie Harlow’s Latest CAY Skin Launch Is A Body Cream

“Technically, you can apply them however you want, but the way I do it is that I use the Body Créme fresh out of the shower and then I go in with the Deepwater Body serum,” she says to those wondering how to properly apply CAY Skin’s products. “And I know people usually think to put serum on before moisturizer when you’re thinking about your face, but the body serum is more oil-based so it’s going to help lock that moisture in even more – it’s a topper for sure.”

Winnie Harlow’s Latest CAY Skin Launch Is A Body Cream

CAY Skin’s Deepwater Body Créme is available for purchase now on cayskin.com – retailing for $28.