This Cannabis-Infused Lotion Made My Workouts So Much Easier
Lord Jones

For the last few months I’ve been pretty consistent with my workout routine. So much so, that I decided to treat myself to 6AM personal training sessions (thanks, Jamie Jones for kicking my butt!) to really take things up a notch. And while I’m no Teyana Taylor, more often than not I’m left feeling super sore after each workout, despite stretching.

So when Lord Jones’, a California-based company known for their cannabis infused topicals, body cream came across my desk I was intrigued to say the least. Could this body cream be the solution to my annoying squat-induced pain?

I soon discovered that I wasn’t the only one with this genius idea. In fact, using the cream as an over-the-counter muscle relaxer is exactly how Cindy Capobianco, one of the company’s founders, intended the product to be used.

“Lord Jones High CBD formulas act to provide increased blood flow, but also introduce CBD into the effected area to work as an anti-inflammatory, to not only relieve pain but promote healing,” she says.

When most people hear CBD (cannabidiol) they automatically think getting high or confuse it with TCH (tetrahydrocannabinol), but the two compounds are more like cousins than siblings; and give quite different feelings.

As Cindy explains, “CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid (there are more than 80 naturally occurring compounds or cannabinoids in the cannabis plant) associated with numerous health and wellness benefits. THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), is the plant’s primary psychoactive compound, known for it’s euphoriant effect.”

Recently, CBD has gained wide-spread acceptance as a safe form of pain relief and a study completed by the National Center for Biotechnology Information found that CBD decreased the number of seizers patients had by 54%. This isn’t anything new Cindy notes, “cannabis has been used for thousands of years to treat pain and illness. We are only now beginning to study and understand what practitioners have known for centuries.”

Inspired, I lubed up my arms, thighs and lower back about 15 minutes pre-workout to see if the lotion was as good as it claimed to be. Per Lord Jones’ direction I made sure to really rub the cream in on the areas I tend to get sore. When initially applied, there was no zinging or body high like one might expect — in fact nothing really happened.

Skeptical, I proceeded through my usual workout and waited for something, anything, to happen. And while it didn’t feel like it, something was in fact taking place.

“Lord Jones Pain & Wellness Formula Lotion is formulated with a natural cooling agent that acts as a soothing indicator that promotes circulation and blood flow to immediately begin the process of recovery on contact,” says Cindy.

These cooling and anti-inflammatory properties are exactly why I was void of my usual post-workout aches and pains the day after using Lord Jones’ lotion (note: I did slather some on post-workout and I think that truly made all the difference). “Whether it is soreness from exercise or chronic pain from arthritis, CBD is an effective, natural remedy, safe to use everyday,” Cindy confirms. 

While the cream is on the pricy-side ($50 for 3.4oz) I’ve found myself regularly reaching for it pre-and-post workout — I’m now a topical CBD convert.

Lord Jone’s lotion is also totally #auntflow approved. When I recently overheard a co-worker lamenting of cramp pains, I enthusiastically shoved this magical stuff in her hands; and less than ten minutes later I received a “wow, this stuff really works!” message via Slack.

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