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Hi essence firm, my name is Siraad, and am the beauty editor here and today, I will be creating a Halloween look. This year I wanted to do something that was little witty, a little fun, but definitely something very personal to me. I'm going to be turning myself into black girl magic. Of course, I already am black girl magic as we all are. But I just want to amp it up and show kind of what the embodiment of black girl magic is to me when it comes to beauty and makeup. So, watch along [MUSIC] Most of the makeup that I'll be using are or have been founded by black women because as black own magic I wanna promote as many of those brands as possible. So first I'm gonna be working on eyes and I'll be using the PAT McGrath mothership kit which just landed. Pat McGrath is a favorite of mine. She is, literally, a makeup legend. My favorite thing right now that I'm loving is a super bright kind of eyeliner that I make from eyeshadow. And what I do is I take my brush, dab it. And I have a super pointy brush. And then I literally will line my eye. So I put a little bit of shadow on the las line so it kind of looks Mimics like an eyeliner. And then I also will do it super close to the lash line, so again almost creating an eyeliner type of a look. I feel like as black women, a lot of time we're scared to play with color, especially when it comes to eye shadow, but [MUSIC]. It always makes me feel fun and fierce, and it's Halloween so why not? Add a pop of color. Repeat on the other eye. I actually just winged it out a little bit since unicorns have been really big this year. I'm gonna add another pop of color, I told you I'm really into color this year. This beautiful eye shadow, I'm gonna do a similar type of thing with pink I'm literally just gonna trace this over. [MUSIC] [MUSIC] And of course, what is black girl magic without lots of glitter? So this is a beautiful gel-like product. So I'm just gonna put a little on top of my eyes. Just really amp up the glitter. I feel like the more glitter, the better it's Halloween. But I'm gonna actually use this where you would use like a highlighter. I'm just gonna use a little bit of my glitter gel. [MUSIC] I really like this. I may wear this even when it's not Halloween. You just really have to rub it in. Otherwise, you might look a little Cuckoo. And then I always like to put a little highlighter on the center of my nose or the bridge of your nose. Again, anywhere you put a highlighter, I'm just gonna put a little bit of glitter today. The other major make-up launch this year is Panache Beauty of course. And so Rihanna is literally my spirit animal and so I want to carry her around with me all night. I'm going to be using the mash stick in rum which is kind of like a highlighter, like a Peculiar situation. So kind of where I've already put a little bit of glitter. I'm gonna go back just add a little bit of highlight on top of it. I know it's like a lot but it's Halloween. [MUSIC] I just wanna blend it in so I'm not looking too [INAUDIBLE]. I'm feeling like it's still not popping enough for me. I'm a unicorn. So Pat McGrath has this pinkie color that I'm just gonna like dust on to give it a little bit more iridescence. Here we go. I think my eyes are good so I'm going to curl my lashes. [MUSIC] Add a coat of mascara. I'm gonna to finish with a Fenty Gloss and this is from Rihanna's latest collection the Galaxy Collection. So again I feel like I need to bring in the Rihanna vibes all types of [BLANK_AUDIO] Black girl magic. Slow mo. Give my hair a little bit of a [INAUDIBLE]. Let my natural kind of tresses do as they may. And I'm gonna add a few more personal Elements that will really help me embody black girl do. [MUSIC] I met this woman in Atlanta who is literally black girl magician because she makes gold jewelry and she made my initials for me and my shirt As someone who loves to read, it's just gives me so much comfort when people see me in it. It's always a conversation starter, so yeah it's obvious. Halloween costumes may not be the one we buy in Party City, but it's definitely personal. Just grab a bunch of things that make you feel beautiful. Make you feel proud to be a black woman. And voila. Black girl magic personified. [BLANK_AUDIO] [MUSIC]

Halloween is officially here! 

But despite the endless tutorials and how-tos every year some how we end up in the same exact position day of…costumeless.

Well, for all the ultimate procrastinaters out there (aka us) fret no more because we’ve got you covered.

When we thought about what we wanted to embody this Halloween, of course we thought of #blackgirlmagic! While we’re already super magical tonight we’re taking things up a notch with lots of glitter and fun eye makeup. 

Watch above for the easiest, most affordable costume possible! 


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