‘A Black Lady Sketch Show’ Is A Display Of Stunning Black Beauty
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Between all the beautiful brown faces, and beautiful Black hair, we’re excited about the dopeness dripping off the cast of A Black Lady Sketch Show. Some of you may be thinking that it’s belittling to reduce these funny, intelligent, creative, limitless women down to their looks. But the truth is, they’re all those things, and undeniably beautiful.

We couldn’t let the show premiere tonight without nodding to the fact that these women, along with executive producer Issa Rae, and a slew of other fly Black actresses and comedians, have the package.

They’re each that zaney best friend that you love because she makes you laugh at your own stupid shenanigans, cheers you up when you’re going through tough times, and she still gets glammed up and gorgeous to wing for you at the club while you’re out here living out your hot girl summer.

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Robine Thede

Robin Thede (pronounced thee-dee) is making you think twice about your life and your looks. With those piercing green eyes, and gams like a supermodel, the writer and comedian has a proven record of success in Tinseltown, and on the red carpet. She’s the epitome of squad beauty goals with her natural beauty and love of a mean red lip.

Ashley Nicole Black

Ashley Nicole Black’s beauty warms your insides like a cup of tea. Her energy is infectious, and followed by a gorgeous smile—both of which she was wearing when she sauntered on that stage to accept her Emmy. She’s the epitome of squad beauty goals because she has the edges that you want, with the covetable lustrous head of hair to match.

Gabrielle Dennis

Gabrielle Dennis always looks like the good kind of trouble. You love to hate her in many of her roles because she looks like the girl that would have stolen your boyfriend in high school, college, your early twenties, and so on. She’s the epitome of squad beauty goals because neither a strand nor stroke is ever out of place on her.

Quinta Brunson

Quinta Brunson will look 16-years-old for the rest of her life—and it gives us envy and joy all the same. With those large Phylicia Rashad-like eyes and pouty lips, the comedian is cute even dressed as Steve Harvey. That’s a feat. She’s the epitome of squad beauty goals because she looks like she’s got money even on her off days.


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