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From Gua sha to Crystal Rolling to the latest in skin creams and serums, it seems like there’s something new and amazing popping up every other day on the skincare market. During the Beauty Carnival experience at the 2021 ESSENCE Festival of Culture, a few very knowledgeable ladies stopped by to share everything we need to know about the latest innovations to help keep our melanin glowing all year round.

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Joining personality, producer and writer Liz Smith, Olay Scientist Markasia Black, Dermatologist Dr. Adrienne Haughton and actress Ifenesh Hadera dropped several gems to help us on our skin care journeys. Responding specifically to a question about the effectiveness of crystal rollers, Dr. Haughton emphasized that it’s all about which type of skincare products you pair with the technique.

“Essentially, these products, what they want to do is enhance penetration of the [skincare] products. So, the goal is to push the product through the epidermis into the dermis where it an have an impact,” she said. “Things like the Jade Roller and some of these other massage techniques out there tout themselves as being able to improve your lymphatics, which is the part of the body that develops fluid retention. Ideally, if they’re done properly, it can help with puffiness and things like that. I think, anytime you’re rollings things over your skin, you want to avoid rolling over benzoyl peroxide or anything irritating to your skin, like the acne products, because if you’re pushing those things into your skin, it can be more irritating.”

The panel also weighed in on the importance of SPF for melanated skin, which products you should apply first versus last, which products from OLAY can help simplify your skincare routine and more.Watch the full conversation in the video above.


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