Subscribing to a beauty box is one of the best decisions you could ever make, and especially if you’re a product junkie. Not only do you get an opportunity to discover new hair and skincare brands, but you also get to try new beauty products at an affordable price. The downside? They don’t always meet the needs of women of color. That’s why Birchbox, a grooming and beauty retailer known for its personalized subscription samples, teamed up with Refinery29’s Unbothered, a channel dedicated to Black female empowerment, to introduce two limited edition beauty kits designed specifically for women of color.

The Stay Radiant Kit features skincare essentials for making our melanin glow, and the It’s Your Crown Kit, is comprised of nourishing and hydrating products for 4C hair.

To uncover Black women’s beauty needs, Refinery29 surveyed 1500 women, and more than half said that taking care of their skin was more important to them than wearing makeup. And seventy-three percent said they spend more than one hour a week actively searching for products for their hair and curl type. Birchbox and Refinery29 used this insight to curate each kit.

“We’re doing a lot of work internally to make meaningful changes from an inclusivity perspective, and improving our product assortment is a critical piece of that. It’s deeply personal to us that we build a product offering that makes Black women feel seen. Creating these kits is one step of many to double down on our commitment to better serving them,” said Kima Cooper, Director of Content and Community at Birchbox.

Curious to know what’s inside? Fifty percent of the products were sourced from Black-owned-brands, and beginning October 18, each kit will be available on for $38. 

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