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This Wax Figure of Beyoncé Is A Major Fail

Once again, Madame Tussaud's fails to replicate the undeniable beauty of our Queen Bey. 


Madame Tussaud’s life-like wax figures are always a hit or miss, but this time…they completely missed the mark. On Tuesday (July 18), a fan of the singer shared a photo of the “fierce” Beyoncé wax figure at the New York City location, but it appears to be anything but. 

Seriously, who is this?!

From the whitewashed skin to the lack of curves, social media agrees that the sculpture looked more like Britney Spears or Jessica Simpson, and nothing like the mother of three.

The outrage over the lack of resemblance caused other users to share their visits to the museum and other wax figures that also fail to even closely resemble Bey.  

While the company has yet to speak out on the controversy, many are hoping for them to do better with sculpting Bey in the future.  Take a look at more wax figures of Beyoncé by Madame Tussaud’s below. Do you think there’s room for improvement?  

David Livingston

Getty Images

Ben A. Pruchnie

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