These Mini Insta-Celebs Are Twinning and #Wombfire Approved 

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If Beyoncé's record shattering pregnancy photos gave you baby fever, we've got it covered. 

Nikki Brown Feb, 03, 2017

Beyoncé’s gargantuan pregnancy announcement became that much more exciting once we realized she was carrying not one, but two babies in her belly.

Watching Blue Ivy grow up has included more adorable moments than we can count, so we can only imagine how the next set of Carters will make their debut on Bey’s Instagram, Tumblr and more.

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If you’re a devoted member of the BeyHive, chances are you’ve got a serious case of baby fever, caused by the singer’s flawless photo shoot reveal. Until her bundles of joy arrive, get familiar with the mini celebs taking over Instagram today. 

Not only are these twins adorable; they’re also incredibly stylish, too! 


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2 of 26 @twinning_x_2/instagram

These three year olds just stole our hearts! 

3 of 26 @twinning_x_2/instagram

They're supermodels in the making!

4 of 26 @mccluretwins/instagram

The McClure Twins are so adorable and animated--someone give them a TV show! 

5 of 26 @mccluretwins/instagram

How could you deny these smiles?!

6 of 26 @browneyedcurliness/instagram

This identical duo is stealing hearts with their pint-sized Black girl magic.

7 of 26 @browneyedcurliness/instagram

As you can see, they're queens-in-training. 

8 of 26 @anaismirabelle/instagram

This duo can dance, act, sing and model--all while serving the cutest twin moments. 

9 of 26 @anaismirabelle/instagram

#Twinning goals. 

10 of 26 @megan_morgan_trueblue/instagram

Now these are top notch fashionistas! 

11 of 26 @megan_morgan_trueblue/instagram

They're so on trend with the chokers--adorbs! 

12 of 26 @megan_morgan_trueblue/instagram

Hey ladies, can we borrow your closet? These outfits are amazing! 

13 of 26 @nykolj/instagram

These womb mates are definitely giving us baby fever! 

14 of 26 @nykolj/instagram

Of course they're besties. 

15 of 26 @aylaandaliyah/instagram

These afro puffs and mini bathing suits are too cute for words! 

16 of 26 @aylaandaliyah/instagram

Dr. Suess would approve! 

17 of 26 @demtoddlertwins/instagram

These pretty little princesses are slaying in their pink ensembles!

18 of 26 @demtoddlertwins/instagram

Their smiles light up a room (and Instagram)! 

19 of 26 @leiha_miah22/Instagram

Hand in hand. Side by side. 

20 of 26 @rocnrimommy/instagram

So, their head wraps are everything--so adorable!! 

21 of 26 @rocnrimommy/instagram

Their style is fresher than most adults'. 

22 of 26 @gx2_twins/instagram

Come through fellas! 

23 of 26 @2yungkingz/Instagram

Too cool for school. 

24 of 26 @2yungkingz/Instagram

Their swag is next level. 

25 of 26 @your_favored_realtor/Instagram

Say cheese!

26 of 26 C/O Julee Wilson

These two cuties are destined for fame. Don't you think?