There’s absolutely no question that Beyoncé shut down not only Coachella, but the whole entire Internet this past weekend. From the homage to all things very black to the Destiny’s Child reunion, we’re still trying to catch our breaths. Of course, when it came to her beauty looks Beyoncé more than delivered. But the one thing fans couldn’t get over were her nails. When images began floating around the Internet that showed Bey rocking silver nails (like the one below) mid-performance people began to speculate that she somehow managed to have a polish change.

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Because it’s clear that at the start of her live performance Beyoncé’s nails are black as seen below. Fans were quick to point out this discrepancy on Twitter! While we put absolutely nothing past the queen, because if anyone could pull off an entire nail polish change during a performance it would be Beyoncé, after a bit of further investigation it seems this was not exactly what happened. The images that Beyoncé posted to her Instagram with the silver polish are actually from the dress rehearsal and NOT from the live performance, hence the difference in nail color. So there you go folks, Coachella’s nailgate has officially been solved!  


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