Beauty Christmas Gifts the Vegans In Your Life Will Approve Absolutely Of 

Siraad Dirshe Nov, 14, 2017

This year, it seems like almost everyone in our lives became more health conscious about the things they put into their body (thank you What the Health!). From pescatarian, to vegetarian, and even vegan almost all of our friends have newfound dietary restrictions that are spilling into nearlly all areas of their lives, including their beauty routine.

Since Christmas shopping can be a tad tricky for the ladies in your life who like to keep their beauty products as clean as their food, we’re making it easy for you this holiday season. Here are 17 beauty Christmas gifts that the vegans in your life will totally approve of. 

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Rosehip Oil helps repair and protect the skin against environmental stresses and visible damage, so this Christmas ornament-esque version makes the perfect gift. 

available at Pai $25 Buy

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Help your friends achieve beauty from the inside out with this luxe supplement which increases cell renewal and naturally boost collagen levels.

available at The Nue Co. $75 Buy

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Finding vegan 10-free nail polish, that actually lasts, is no easy feat. But Sundays' polishes comes in a wide range of pretty colors and they won't destroy your nails. 

available at Sundays $18 Buy

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If finding vegan polish is difficult, well finding a remover is an even more arduous task! But ncla's Take It Off soy-based remover pads, are not only natural but also super convenient.

available at ncla $19 Buy

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This trio, which has products infused with rose and hibiscus, will leave your skin softer, more hydrated and radiant. Perfect for ladies on-the-go or whom travel often!

available at Sephora $39 Buy

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The ultimate uplifting and refreshing mist/tonique, this product doubles as both a toner and mist! 

available at Edible Beauty $32.17 Buy

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Exfoliation is an essential part of maintaining healthy beautiful skin and this one is packed with shea butter, coconut oil and grapefruit oil.

available at Palermo Body $48 Buy

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Matcha isn't just for drinking, it's also great for your skin! This face mask which combines the purifying properties of white clay reduces inflammation and fights damaging free radicals.

available at Plant Apothecary $24 Buy

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The world’s first solid facial toner, this green tea packed one, comes in a unique gel stick formula that gently glides onto skin and provides a cool, refreshing sensation on application.

available at Sephora $26 Buy

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This set of four vegan-friendly, treatment gel under-eye patches delivers instantly looking youthful-looking eyes. 

available at Sephora $22 Buy

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There's a reason this skin care brand is a favorite, it really works. This set brings a serum and facial oil for an overnight trip from dull to dreamy.

available at Sephora $28 Buy

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Who doesn't want 30 convenient and stylish daily packs for glowing skin, shiny fuller hair and perfect nails this Christmas?

available at Sephora $35 Buy

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Turmeric is a powerful adaptogen that promotes balance, glow, and well-being from the inside-out. Gift this nourishing blend of turmeric, ginger, and other wellness-boosting botanicals to your bestie this Christmas. 

available at GOLDE $24 Buy

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Switching to natural deodorant is super tricky, and finding the right one can take forever. Meow Meow Tweet is one of the best brands on the market, so make your health-conscious sister or best friend's life easier this Christmas with this starter kit. 

available at Meow Meow Tweet $48 Buy

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This multitasking balm can be used on lips, under eyes, and on cuticles to support, protect, and hydrate skin. It's also free of parabens, sulfates and phthalates. 

available at Sephora $25 Buy

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These long-wearing matte lipsticks are full of cover and last nearly all day! Oh, and they're vegan. 

available at Sephora $20 Buy

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These multi-purpose drops can be used as a highlighter, bronzer or even eyeshadow. 

available at Sephora $42 Buy