7 Products To Keep You Smelling Fresh All Summer Long

Summer is here and more heat unfortunately means more sweat. To stay dry (and fresh) all summer, here are 7 beauty products we keep on hand to smell fresh through fall.

Virginia Lowman Jun, 29, 2016

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Dry spray deodeorant is always a must in the summer time; it's lightweight, lasts all day and smells super fresh. This formula from Degree takes protection to the next level with motion sense technology, so the spray does into overdrive once you start moving to ensure that you smell fresh all day!

$4.99, at target.com

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When it's hot outside you often feel like your lady bits need a little more love. This gentle formula from RepHresh balances the pH of your lady parts without any aggressive additives. 

$5.49, at walgreens.com

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Face wipes are a must for muggy temperatures. These Beauty 360 wipes gently cleanse my skin for a quick refresh, and I can just tuck them in my bag whenever I need a quick touch up.

$7.99, at cvs.com

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Ever feel like you just want a quick spritz of water on your face in the middle of a warm day? This Avene Eau Thermal is just that; mist your face with fresh spring water to quench your skin.

$18.50, at drugstores.com

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Cleanse, brighten and rephresh your skin throughout the day. These gentle cleansing cloths are great for face and body.

$70, at emmausbeauty.com

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Looking for a way to extend your blowout or keep your braids or curls fresh, but desperately trying to avoid water? Dry shampoo is every girl's summer beauty hero product. Hold the can six inches from your scalp and spray in quick bursts to absorb dirt and oil on the scalp and through out the hair. Wait a few minutes and run your fingers through your 'do for a quick refresh.

$26, at net-a-porter.com

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As the mercury rises, panties made from breathable fabrics become more and more important. These Knock-Out Lacy Boy Shorts are made of cotton and they have air wicking technology to make sure you stay dry (and cute!) 

$34, at knockoutpanties.com


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